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Budding Love

This was inspired by a really great poem by A. E. Houseman which my english teacher made read (see what you've done Mr. Underwood?). Anyway, this is the poem that one of my friends entered into an international poetry contest in which I placed fourth in all ages and which so far is in the top three for under 18! Pretty nifty eh?

(note from Heather: My personal favorite!.. Well it ties with "Why")

Tom came to her door that night,
the night of budding love,
And whispered soft within the light,
looking down from up above.

His nervous hands, they trembled,
and she drew them to her breast.
The soft sweet words he mumbled,
caused pangs deep in her chest.

B'Elanna touched her lips to his,
his taste luscious and sweet.
How before could she have missed,
this man she'd longed to meet.

She was afraid, he could see,
he held her close to him.
He had to let her soul be free,
not hold it down, committing sin.

She professed her love to him,
she thought he couldn't hear.
But she was wrong, for there he stood,
his heart, his soul, so near.

They spoke of the undying love
they hold only for each other.
So weak, and yet so strong, their love,
they hold above all others.

Before the day began, he left,
the freashly budding lover.
They felt they had been martyred,
for they were truly lovers.