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This was inspired by the all-mighty, all-powerful, second only to the great goddess B'Elanna, HOLLY McNARLAND!!!!!!!!!!! [inceadably loud cheers form a stadium audience] I was listening to the song coward, doing my homework, playng Earth Worm Jim on my computer, and whatching some early third season episode (don't remember exactly which one {please don't shoot}) when this just flitted through my skull! Tell me what all you cool dudes think of it. Oh yeah, and this has absolutely nothing to do with P/T. Just a warning. Heather seems to think it does. Somewhere around the early second or third season relationshippers type thing.... ?? B'Elanna's P.O.V. Duhh!

(note from Heather: My personal second favorite!)

Maybe I'm a coward, I'm only scared of you.

I watch my life as through someone else's eyes.
I scream at the injustice, and at the strife. . . cry.
I turn my head and catch a glance,
She just missed her ultimate chance.
She thinks the voices make her choices,
But deep inside she knows,
And not admitting it, the pain only grows.

Maybe she's a coward, she's only scared of you.