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This goes hand-in-hand with my body snachting story that isn't even close to being done at the moment, so just know that the story is about this alien guy who takes over Tom's body by supressing his mind, but the alien can't control Tom when he's around B'Elanna because he fights the aliens will to much, so the alien breaks up Tom and B'Elanna. (The idea for this story came to me about three months before "Vis a Vis" so I didn't steal the idea for all those who think I did.)

Oh, and I didn't write this one, my best non-Kret friend did after reading the bits and pieces I have done of this story. Her name is Lynette.

Into the silence of the night
I feel my passion take flight.
And yet you remain calm, cool, and serene
Holding back, so subtle it can't be seen.
But I know you all to well,
I sense you'll be holding back the swell.
You used to hold me close and tight.
It felt so perfect; it felt so right.
But now you seem passive and distant,
When we embrace, your touch is resistant.
As I see you fade into memory,
Our together is but a tragic story.
As I look into the liquid reflection,
If I could only wash away undo detection.
My being is but a continous infection,
Doomed to nothing but eternal rejection.