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Hidden Infatuation

I think this is either Janeway or Harry's (shudder at the mention of Kim)

(Note from Heather, and all other KRET RATS: "F--- YOU!!")

P.O.V. but I'm not sure, so GIVE ME FEED-BACK and tell me what you think! Please? Pretty please? WITH SUGAR ON TOP!?!

I can see to the bottom of your soul.
I can see you trying to control,
The love you feel so strongly for each other.
Why do you feel the need to smother
And hide your feelings way down deep?
To save the friendship that you keep?
Tangible, graspable, like physical pain,
I can see you block them in vain.
From each other you covert infatuation,
Repressing the passion, that could reverse your indignation.
From eachother you can hide your feelings,
But all the others know the meanings
Of the doubts and looks and stares
When you think the other in unaware.
If only you wold get together,
I know you'd be together forever.