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The Original KRET RATS!

If you'd like to see some pictures that Heather drew of us, Anime, you can click here!


Jennifer King
Emily Jean
Carolyn Merryweather
Jade Roberts
Jacky "Amanda" D.
Leslie (Khameleon)
Martin Spence
Kathryn Laylin
Sarah Elizabeth
Marian Co
Pamela Blotnicky

Isabelle Alice Moody
Katie B-D
Alicia Kulp
Sarah Bean
Brynn Ann Moser
Elizabeth Meira
Jonathon Galster
Konstanze Faust
Ilka Behmer
Megan Cook

Now for the rats who have yet to respond to my email to update their bois!

Lindsay! 8-P

Name: Lindsay Rae
Age/Birthday: 17/May 8th
Height: 5'0" (and proud of it)
Eye Color: green
Hair Color (presently): Brown
Also Known As: Rae, Shorty.

I've been watching Star Trek since I was a baby, but I only got into it in the last three years. I'm in the full bilingual IB program in my high school. That's a really advanced high school curriculum designed to challenge students and give them university credits upon high school graduation. So when I finish high school, I won't have to take certain classes. I speak perfectly fluent French (I sound like it's my first language, according to a couple of my teachers). I have tons of homework, but I always make time for my friends, and set aside a couple hours a week to watch Voyager and DS9. I volunteer with kids during the summer and Christmas breaks. I write poetry (and I've actually published a couple poems), stories and fanfic. I'm a coffee addict (my school is right next to a Starbucks), so I can understand why Captain Janeway and everyone else on Voyager need their coffee too. Oh, and I have a webpage too. Me and another person I met on the P/T Collective Archive message board started it a couple weeks ago. It's at


Name: Sarah Marie
Age/Birthday: 17/December 14th
Height: 5'8"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color (presently): Blonde
Also Known As: Kattie and Sparkles

I live in Virginia, USA. I have a younger sister who is 8, and I have a dog named Monty. I have been watching Star Trek since I can remember, from TNG to DS9 to Voyager. I never really got into TOS, although I have seen all of the movies. I watch Deep Space Nine, but mostly because I want to see what is 'going on' in the Alpha Quadrant. My favorite character is Julian Bashir. I have seen just about every episode on The Next Generation. I like all of the characters but mostly my favorites are Deanna Troi, Data, and William Riker. I didn't start watching Voyager until I moved to Virginia, about a year ago (Beginning of the 4th season for Voyager, and the beginning of the 6th season for DS9). Where I lived before (Montana), Voyager was on really late, and I didn't like Deep Space Nine when it started, so I didn't even give it a try. When I came to Virginia, I started to get hooked on Voyager by the episode 'Coda', where the Captain dies and she is confronted with an alien who gives her hallucinations. Then I saw 'Blood Fever' and a few other episodes, my favorite character became B'Elanna Torres followed by Tom Paris (big suprise there). Anyone who is interested in becoming my pen pal can e-mail me at

Bella! #:-

Name: Jennifer Lynn
Age/Birthday: 15/??
Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color (presently): Red
Also Known As: Jammar, Bella and Bella Paris

I like Star Trek (mainly Voy), X-Files, reading, writing stories (once again mainly Voy), watching TV, playing games on the computer (actually, doing anything with computers and the internet except web pages), talking on the phone with friends, writings letters and um... well... oh! ... telling stories!!! That's all I can think of for now. :)