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This is a little something that I wrote after . . . umm . . . well . . . I think it was . . . "Faces" maybe? (I sincerly doubt it, but oh well, what can I do?) I wouldn't mind anyone telling me their opinion of when in the Voyager timeline they think this takes place. Spanks y'all!

Why can't they see they are meant to be?
Everyone sees the light in her eyes.
Why can't they see they were meant to be?
He is no longer eager to die.

She has finally been accepted.
Why can't they see they were meant to be?
Everything has been percepted,

In his eyes I see desire,
Burning like a raging fire.
In her soul, I sense she longs,
But she must act, or he'll be gone.

I know the love flows through her veins
Like liquid fire, quenching her pain.
In him love is burning deep,
He should act so he can keep,
Her soul.

I know I love her, can't she see,
That's she's the one who holds the key?

I know I love him, doesn't he know,
That he's the one who unlocked my soul?

Can't s/he see that we were meant to be?