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Welcome to the pictures page. There are... well, just a LOT!of pictures in total in all the pictures pages, (I lost count at 100) most are from a variety of P/T pages. Please do not send me any mail saying the pictures belong to you unless you took the screen capture. If you did, then I will put your name in as credit.
All the other images belong to everyone who owns a P/T page, and my images are free for the taking. If I EVER get a screen capture thing for my computer and take my own images, then I can take credit for them. Until then, take all you want! :)
starred pictures are pictures that I've "fine-tuned"... or, in laymans terms, screwed around with to make look better... but, they're stil not mine, so go ahead and take.

This is just to humor Lauren...

This first one, is my personal FAVORITE P/T picture of all time! Well, at least it's within the same couple of frames of my "favorite P/T picture of all time". It's from (duh) Blood Fever! One of the few P/T episodes I have yet to see... *glares at Jen*

This one is from Displaced. I think it looks like B'Elanna is trying desperately not to smile. So, to quote Tom Paris....

"Of course not. Wouldn't want to get too sentimental, would we?"

This one is from Before and After.
*Grumble grumble*
....Wish I had seen this one too....
*grumble grumble*

This picture Lauren got for me somewhere. I don't know where she got it from, or who. So if that person visits me and complains. sorry! I didn't know, I just thought it was cool.

Like it?

From, DISPLACED. Very cool episode.

Aw, B'Elanna's real mad because she doesn't like Tom's Klingon Bat-tleth program, (he made it for her too!) *sniff*

This one is one of my favorite B'Elanna pictures. It's from the first all-time episode... Caretaker. It's when B'Elanna first wakes up next to Harry in the Ocampa's hospital-type-thing. I like it because it shows the fear in her face, and you almost never see that in her.

<---Isn't she really pretty in this picture?

B'Elanna... getting Tom's scent... for a Klingon mating ritual. Odd, yet, still entertaining. ;) This one is towards the end, when the fever is purged. You know, right after she beats the $#!% out of Vorick. I think this one is when she first realizes she's going throughthe Pon Farr. That's why she's got that "huh?" look on her face.

This one is from Faces.
Just before human B'Elanna faints.

Click on the image to get the BIG version

This one is sooo cute. I got it from...somewhere, It's from Vis a' Vis. Despite the fact that it is not Tom, it's Steth, it's still cute.

These next three are from Blood Fever, Revulsion and Scientific Method. Just three of the many that could prove my point. Now, am I the only one that notices this, or does Tom always cradle B'Elanna's face whenever he kisses her?

(for longer than a simple peck on the cheek that is.)
* *

I rest my case.

This one is from Waking Moments. I know it's a pretty pathetic P/T picture but that's not why we put it up.

When me and Amber saw this one faithful Wednesday night, we saw the scene when Tom opens the door for her and noticed that stupid jacket. After commenting on how dumb it looked, we remembered something from TNG that looked familiar.... Gates McFadden wore a jacket just like that one to cover her pregnancy in ST:TNG. We made the connection and realized Roxann Dawson was pregnant before any of the sites had it down! Yea for us!

This was the first episode with the jacket. Did you see?

This one is from (duh) Blood Fever, I've never seen this episode, but to me it looks as if Tom is saying...

"Look what you did!"

I believe this is from Worst Case Senario, either that or possibly Alter Ego. They live in their own world with their own conversations... even in a meeting.

This is a cool one from Faces. Amber thinks B'Elanna is crying, I don't know.... But, she is human. Look for apparent "tear glare" on her cheeks...

This one is from, Alter Ego I believe. After Tom comments on B'Elanna's "Smashing" dress.

Another from Faces... probably the only good pic of the full Klingon B'Elanna I've seen. It's a paramount pic, so give a credit for those genious photographers down at the lot.

Pictures page 2

Anyone can use any of these. As long as you put a link to on all the pictures with Paramount on them. And none of these pictures are mine in that sense. Unless I say so. All of them come from various sites of which the names are too many to count. So just look around. Besides, no one can have all the credit for any one picture. At least six sites each have copies of a picture. Just find any site, and you'll find a credit for one of these pictures.

Broken images? Nasty weird stuff? Just plain bored? Email us!