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Here's one that Lauren really likes, though I really don't know why...

PS. I believe this is from Real Life.

* *
These two are from "Distant Origin". Is it just us, or does B'Elanna look smug or what? Hence their names, "oh really?" and "You think so?".


Click on the image to see the BIG version.

AHHH! Mutiny! Mutiny! They've taken over the staff room! No more early morning meetings! Yea! (Sorry, got a little carried away. This one's from Real Life. The sad episode. *sniff*)

These three are from Hunters. The infamous hug that Tom gives B'Elanna after she hints off for the millionth time that she's a little insecure.

GEEZ TOM! All her friends just died! Get a clue!

In picture number two, the middle one, does it look like he's avoiding touching a certain part of her anatomy. Possibly the tummy? (namely little Torres junior)

HA! It is from Threshold... I JUST saw that episode so now I know. This picture has got to be on every site I've ever been to, so, to whoever originally got it... why did you only get half the picture?

Oh... That's why...

Is this what I think it is? B'Elanna... in a bathing suit? Could this be possible? Could it be that our cold-hearted goddess has warmed up enough to wear a bathing suit? And is that Tom behind her? I wonder...

Oh yeah, Amber thinks it's Chakotay, not Tom. (not enough receding hairline) I say, "oh nice!", I think it IS Tom. The shoulders aren't hefty enough for Chakotay. So there!!!

UPDATE! It's neither. It's a holostud! Dang!

I FOUND IT!! IT'S FROM "WARLORD"!! HA! Thank you Jen for giving me this episode so I could confirm it! YA-HA!


This psycho message has been brought to you by, Lauren.

This is from Day of Honor. When she's listing off all the things that have gone wrong on that fateful day. ISN'T HE CUUUUTE!!!

These two are from Revulsion. The first one, is the coolest kiss in the world one, until the doctor just HAD to in interrupt them! B'Elanna doesn't want to break off the kiss, as you can plainly see :) The second one is from the end of the episode, when the doctor once again, teases them about being together.
(Will he ever shutup?)

These next two are from "the Killing Game". A favorite episode of ours. The first one, is when Janeway, (non-Katrine) comes out of the "Nazi hole-type-thing" from behind the bar and everybody's looking at her weird. The second, me and Lauren found on her temperary internet cache files. (have you ever looked in those? They're so scary!) We were laughing so hard when we saw the expression on Roxann Dawson's face! It's priceless! I'm guessing someone off stage is yelling something really bizarre to her. Or, at least that's what it looks like! :)
They are both strictly paramount-used, get em' from in the media files.

This is one of the only good pictures I have of Tom. He looks REALLY young in this one. I have no idea where it's from, but I'm guessing early season one?? He doesn't seem to be incredibly photogenic, (God I hope he doesn't ever read this!) or, at least not nearly as much as Roxann Dawson is. (except in that funny picture above.)

You are getting sleepy... very sleepy...

Another paramount pic, from Random Thoughts.

Don't you hate it when you don't know what episode something is from? Well, I'm in that situation right now.

Someone mentioned that it's from Blood Fever, but it can't be b/c Tom's in his uniform, and through all the planet scenes he's in that grey thing with the colored bar thing...

UPDATE: I got an email from someone that said this is from, "Parituation" (hope I spelled that right). Thanks you!


Awwwww. Isn't this cute? It's Tom's, "what the hell is this?" look.

Tom is so cute when he's smiling nicely ain't he?

Heather's own personal art. Totally surreal eh?

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