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Screen Captures

Welcome to the screen captures place. Tis where I put up all the screen captures I spend hours making. So far I don't have very many up because I'm lazy and don't want to put very many up. All of you who have webpages will understand the time and effort put into making screen captures and writing the code *oh, gag me with a spoon*. Before I had a page, I didn't understand, and thought the author was lazy... well, that too... but it's mostly time.
But, lucky for you, I do have a few up. I took down the Day of Honor one because it sucked. And Putting up another in it's place.

Have Fun, and remember these images are MINE so use with my permission and credit to me... thank you.

"Course: Oblivion"

Unfortunately, due to technical problems, the "Thirty Days" and "Someone To Watch Over Me" sections has been removed.