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Answers to Next Generation Trivia

How old was Geordi La Forge when he was caught in a house fire?


What was the name of Troi's older sister?

Kestra, she died when Deanna was an infant, when Lwaxana turned her back. The girl drowned at age seven.

Who is "imzadi"?

Commander William Riker, the translation from Betazed to English is approximentally, my beloved. But the meaning is unexplainable.

What is the name of Picard's "son"?

Jason Vigo

How old was Worf when his parents died? How did they die?

Worf was 6, and they died during a Romulan attack in the Khitomer massacre.

In what episode was Molly O'Brien born and who delivered her?

She was born in "Disaster" and delivered by Worf. (much to his dismay)

How does Riker know Kathryn Janeway?

In the academy, Janeway's roommate, set her up on a blind date with him. Which she ran out of, knowing his reputation.

Who was Data's creator?

Dr. Noonian Soong.

What's the name of Beverly's husband? How did he die?

Jack Crusher. He died on duty, under Picards orders.

What's Data's cats name? What is it?

Spot. It's definately a somali cat. But the sex... that's another matter. Early in the seasons, it was male. But in "Genesis" it suddenly turned female, and had kittens. The cause of Spot's gender switch is still in question.