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Until You

I was in an epiphanous (is that spelled right?) mood in math class. My teacher's name is Mr. Butt. Need I say more? {written roughly the same time as She'endra}

(Note from Heather: Another near favorite. It's just soooooo B'Elanna. Doncha think?)

Fake life turns my world upside down.
My feelings so hidden, even I don't know what they are.
Until I met you.
I've known you all along, or so I thought.
You were a good friend, but no one really knew me.
Until I loved you.
I never believed in love at first sight.
I never believed in anything at all, even myself.
Until I met you.
When I see you, tears spring to my eyes.
But crying is showing weakness, or so I thought.
Until I met you.
Fake life now banished from my world.
My feeling no longer hidden from myself.
Because I love you.