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Alright, this is just a simple warning of the weirdness that is ahead.

First off, I made the Caretaker "rant" one night at about four in the morning when I could NOT sleep for the life of me. I don't even REMEMBER making it anymore! I woke up the next morning and found all this stuff on my harddrive and looked at it, and laughed myself to the floor... then I remembered a bit of it. (Note to anyone else out there: Do not make stuff at 4 am when you can't remember it later!)

The second "Bliss" rant is done by both Babyslime (Heather) and Fuzzhead (Amber). Was started late one night, and finished early afternoon the next day (we DID sleep in between). Hopefully there'll be more on the way.

And now for a little introduction. The following documents are us, going crazy with a screen capture device. I took about 150+ screen captures from the episode "The Caretaker" and, and about 110+ from Bliss.

There are roughtly 25 pictures per page, spread out on six pages. Every last one will load, I checked them. So if you get an "x", just press "show picture".

alright, enough warning, off you go!