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Answers to Voyager trivia

Where was B'Elanna born?

Kessic IV

What's the name of Janeway's dog?

Molly Malone

How long has Tuvok been married? How many children does he have?

65 years, he has four children. And one grandchild.

What is Seven of Nine's given name?

Annika Hansen

Who's father is an admiral?

Tom Paris, (and Janeway as Amber brought to my attention)

What's the name of Tom Paris's favorite shuttle?

The Cochrane, which coincidentally was destroyed in Day Of Honor.

On what decks are the bridge, holodecks, sickbay and engineering located?

1, 6, 5 and 11.

Where was B'Elanna raised after her father left?

There's a lot of contraversy on this one, but the majority points to the Klingon homeworld.