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Homemade Trivia

The following trivia me (Heather) and Carolyn came up with over a period of two days, (plus internet time to double check the answers) while sitting in socials class at our high school. Please correct us if we're wrong on any of the answers. And please send in your own trivia, so we can add it to ours.

This trivia isn't all Voyager. Because Carolyn is a big DS9 fan, there's a lot of DS9 in there too. And there's some TNG, and a few just generals, they don't really fit into any categories. Enjoy what we have!

Keep in mind, this is the easier trivia area. For those of you who need a little brushing up, or want to make sure they can manage the hard trivia. It's a good idea if you go through this one first.

Voyager Trivia

Where was B'Elanna born?

What is the name of Janeway's dog?

How long has Tuvok been married? And how many children does he have?

What is Seven of Nine's given name?

Who's father is an admirel?

What's the name of Tom Paris's favorite shuttle?

On what decks are the bridge, holodecks, sickbay and engineering located?

Where was B'Elanna raised after her father left?

Check your answers!

DS9 Trivia

Who owns a teddy bear named "kookalocka"?

What is the name of Nog's mother?

What is the name of Ziahl's mother?

Who was the leader of Kira's resistance cel?

Who is Garak's father? Where did he die?

How old was Julian when he was genetically engineered?

Who is Julian Bashir also known as, but doesn't like to be?

How old is the Dax simbiont? How many hosts has it had?

What did the Jem'Hadar and the Cardassians call DS9 when they recaptured it?

What was Kira's mother's name?

Check your answers!

The Next Generation Trivia

How old was Geordi La Forge when he was caught in a house fire?

What was the name of Troi's older sister?

Who is "imzadi"?

What is the name of Picard's son?

How old was Worf when his parents died? How did they die?

In what episode was Molly O'Brien born? Who delivered her?

How does Riker know Kathryn Janeway?

Who was Data's creator?

What's the name of Beverly's husband? How did he die?

What's Data's cat's name? What is it? (eg. Breed/sex)

Check your answers!

General questions that don't really fit anywhere

Do the Bajorans belong to the Federation?

What are the names of 3 Bajoran provinces?

What's the name of the Klingon homeworld?

Who invented warp drive?

What does the phrase, "Blo'moHQ!" mean?

What's so special about the "Defiant"?

Who made "first contact" with humans?

Name the homeworlds for these species;

  • Ferengi's
  • Vulcan's
  • Cardassians
  • Klingon
  • Romulans
  • Talaxians
  • Bajorans
Also some mystery ones, that we couldn't find. If you can figure them out.. then you're a genious. E-Mail me if you can find them..
  • Vorta
  • Ocampa
  • Kazon
  • Borg
  • Founders, the "great link" doesn't count, does it?

Check your answers!