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Answers to DS9 trivia

Who owns a teddy bear named "kookalocka"?

Doctor Julian Bashir

What is the name of Nog's mother?

Sorry, we havn't gotten this one yet. We're still working on it!

What is the name of Ziahl's mother?

Tora Ne'Prem

Who was the leader of Kira's resistance cel? Shakaar

Who is Garak's father? Where did he die?

Enobran Tain, he died in the Jem'Hadar prison camp with Julian, Garak, Worf and a few other aliens.

How old was Julian when he was genetically engineered?

He was between six and seven, in first grade.

Who is Julian Bashir also known as, but doesn't like to be?

Jules, by his parents

How old is the Dax simbiont? How many hosts has it had?

Over 300, somewhere around 350. It's had nine, including Ezri.

What did the Jem'Hadar and the Cardassians call DS9 when they recaptured it?

Terok Nor. As Heather Sk brought to my attention, it was originally named Terok Nor, and they just were now calling it that again. :)

What was Kira Nyrce's mother's name?

It was Kira Meru.