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Answers to General trivia

Do the Bajorans belong to the Federation? No.

What are the names of three Bajoran provinces?
Dekor, Racaantha and Mouscilla.

What's the name of the Klingon homeworld?
Qo'noS, (pronounced Kro-nos).

What is the designation of Voyager, the Enterprize, the Defiant, and the Enterprize D?
NCC-74656, NCC-1701, NX-74205 (I found it!), NCC-1701-D.

Who invented warp drive?
Zefram Cochrane.

What does the phrase, "Blo'moHQ!" mean?
"You're very ugly!"

What is so special about the "Defiant"?
It's the only Federation ship with a cloaking device.

Who made "first contact" with humans?

Name the homeworlds for these species;