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Answers to the Harder Trivia

1. What is the offical name of the snap-on wrist flashlights that the away teams always wear? No, it's not wrist flashlight!

ANSWER: Sims beacons. Named after Alan Sims. Just like Jefferies tubes are named after Matt Jefferies, the designer of the Federation starship set designs

2. Voyager: What is the name of Kathryn Janeway's younger sister?

ANSWER: Phoebe Janeway. Younger by four years. And a pest too!

3. Voyager: What is B'Elanna's clearance code?

ANSWER: Torres omega psi-9-3

4. Voyager: What is Chakotay's last name?

ANSWER: HA! Fooled you! He has no last name! Just like Tuvok! But, we have developed a theroy. Not unlike the infamous Mario brothers, who's names are Mario Mario, and Luigi Mario. Chakotay, is actually Chakotay Chakotay, and then Tuvok is Tuvok Chakotay!! Makes sense, right!!?

5. Voyager: In Vis A Vis, how many alcoholic drinks did "Tom" order from the replicator?

ANSWER: Five. And got real drunk too.

6. Next Generation: What was Hugh's original designation? From the episode "I Borg"?

ANSWER: Three of Five.

7. Next Generation: What was the name of the "tar monster" in "Skin of Evil"?

ANSWER: Armus.

8. Voyager: How long is Voyager?

ANSWER: 1130 feet long.

9. Over what distance do the Badlands span? In light years.

ANSWER: 12 light years. And apparently a sight to see.

10. Next Generation: In the episode "A Matter of Time", what was the name of the scientist who appeared in a pod, claiming to be from the 26th century?

ANSWER: Doctor Berlinghoff Rasmussen.

11. Voyager: In the episode "One", when Seven asked the computer how many gelpacks had been affected by the radiation, what was it's answer?

ANSWER: 33% had been affected.

12. Voyager: In the episode "Hope and Fear", what was the registration number on the USS Dauntless?

ANSWER: NX-01A. A big change from the normal "NCC"s. You'd think they'd of figured it out by that! We did.