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The Slightly-More-Difficult-Yet-Surprisingly-Cool Trivia. (phew!)

So, here's our more difficult variety of trivia. A few of these are quite weird. We got a bunch off this game that I got at a Star Trek convention back in 92', it's got six trivia questions per ST:NG episode per card. There are over 1000 cards. You get the idea. Other's, from DS9 and Voyager, we made up. But we've triple checked each answer, none are debatable. Bwa Ha ha! Enjoy!

A bunch of Star Trek-related questions!

1. What are the official name of the snap-on wrist flashlights that the away teams always wear? No, it's not wrist flashlight!

2. Voyager: What is the name is Kathryn Janeway's younger sister?

3. Voyager: What is B'Elanna's clearance code?

4. Voyager: What's Chakotay's last name?

5. Voyager: In Vis A Vis, how many alcoholic drinks did "Tom" order from the replicator?

6. Next Generation: What was Hugh's original designation? From the episode "I Borg"?

7. Next Generation: What was the name of the "tar monster" in "Skin of Evil"?

8. Voyager: How long is Voyager? (memo to Amber, no, the answer is NOT one hour!!)

9. Over what distance do the Badlands span? In light years.

10. Next Generation: In the episode "A Matter of Time", what was the name of the scientist who appeared in a pod, claiming to be from the 26th century?

11. Voyager: In the episode "One", when Seven asked the computer how many gelpacks had been affected by the radiation, what was it's answer?

12. Voyager: From the episode "Hope and Fear", what was the registration number on the USS Dauntless?

Check your answers