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By this time, you've memorized the standard stuff on the other two pages... so just continue looking at pictures. :)

These next three are from Blood Fever. The first one is when Tom tells B'Elanna he's gonna help her, with that really regretful look on his face... (as if HE'D not want to!) The second is Tom holding B'Elanan back so she doesn't beat up Vorick too badly. And the last one is another part of the Klingon mating rituals. Strange people those Klingons are...

Paramount pic from Day of Honor... why is that none of these paramount pics are actually featured in the episodes? This angle and expression is not part of that episode! Notice that? Look at the others too...

From Displaced, I don't know if it's possible to look any more guilty than they do right now.

Click on the picture to see the BIG version.

Lotza pics from Blood Fever we have. I have NO idea which part this is from, you'll have to guess...

I think this is from Real Life... again, I have no idea what part it's from.

Click on the picture to see the BIG version.

LOOKY LOOKY!! I found the COMPLETE version of that poster!!!

Ever notice that most of the time, when they kiss (pre Vis a Vis here...) they always either get interrupted or caught? ;)

Am I the only one that thinks this or does B'Elanna look completely stupid in this picture? BTW, it's from Worst Case Scenario.

* I'll just let you guess at this point...

Hey, this one is also from Blood Fever! Wouldn't have recognized it would ya? No one pays attention past the steamy bits... though, I'm sure everyone remembers this part,

"Be careful what you wish for, Lieutenant."

Again, no idea where it's from, but, BIG HAIR MUCH!

Doesn't it look like he's got a black cloud hanging over his head? Either that, or it's Tuvok.

I've seen this picture EVERYWHERE but no one says where it's from, doesn't anyone actually know?

Okay, thanks to Sian I know this is from the last minutes of "Persistance of VISON!" not, "Prototype". I REALLY need to get out more... and see Voyager. *G*

From Future's End Part 2, when Tom sees the big tanker coming for him and Rain Robinson.

Click on the image to see the BIG version

From Remember, a REALLY good episode for those of you who haven't seen it before.

Click on the image to see the BIG version

Little is known about Tom and Harry's weekly counselling sessions...

My friend told me this was from "Parituation".

* * Hey! Since I just got the entire first season from a very good friend of mine, I now know that this is from "The Cloud"! And that woman that B'Elanna is talking to is Seska! I think... I'll have to watch it again...

click on the image to see the BIG version

There are no words to describe how cute this is...

Sorry, this is actually MINE which I got from a screen capture... I misplaced it through my 10 folders and I'm too lazy to relocate it... it's from Hunters.

From Displaced when Tom looks at B'Elanna funny... analyzing her "strange" conversation... in other words, I think he got that she might have a crush on him... it was certainly obvious enough to the viewers! :)

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* "Ew, don't touch me!"

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Robbie from a convention, cool pic I might add.

Continue on to Pictures page four? I don't think you have the guts... come on, I dare you... heh heh heh...
Oh hey wait, you're going to! D'oh!!
Pictures Page 4

Anyone can use any of these. As long as you put a link to on all the pictures with Paramount on them. And none of these pictures are mine in that sense. Unless I say so. All of them come from various sites of which the names are too many to count. So just look around. Besides, no one can have all the credit for any one picture. At least six sites each have copies of a picture. Just find any site, and you'll find a credit for one of these pictures.

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