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Here's a cute catch from "Jauggernaut" just before P/T have their first kiss since "Vis a "Vis"!! Honestly! Writers these days!

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Here's another shot from Jauggernaut, though I doubt Tom would be in the mood to kiss her now. All covered in greasy grimey gopher guts while angrily crawling through the Malon equivalent of Jeffries Tubes.

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The entire camera is blushing in this shot from "Drone"
Oh yeah, like this is the epitome of comfort. They both look like they're trying to find ANY excuse to make a beeline for the nearest door. (From "Displaced")

A black and white pic from "Dark Frontier" of Tom being his old helmboy self.

B'Elanna being utterly confused from "Displaced" just after being transported against her will to an alien paradise/jail.

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The first picture is of B'Elanna and Harry from "Prototype" doing an autospsy on an AI. The second is B'Elanna fuming over a cup of radioactive coffee that in seconds will begin to transform her (very far) future lover into Janeway's potential mate.

Harry and Tom from "Ex Post Facto", one of my personal favorite episodes, just realizing how gorgeous that widow actually is. Well, at least one of them is noticing it.

Thomas Eugene Paris, the very model of a Stury Starfleet Officer.The 24th century version of Tetris, and still just as annoying.

Lauren's favorite picture of B'Elanna. It's from an earlier episode in late season one or early season two.

Ms. Smug strikes again. This time her hapless victim is poor Seven of Nine in "Message in a Bottle".B'Elanna from the BEST episode she's ever been in (in our opinions) looking absolutely disgusted at the slime that the ship seems to be excreting.One of the lesser known recreational sports of the future, "Race the Burning Light of Plasma". Do or do not, there is no try. *G*

Tom and B'Elanna snoozing a macrovirus off from the episode "Macroviros" (obviously). None of the senior rats have seen this ep yet, but it looks good from this pic alone!

Tom looks like he's just made a pass at her and is giving an "I think she digs me" look to a person off camera. Wink wink, nudge nudge.Paris to Coke Bottle! Paris to Coke Bottle!B'Elanna most adorable embarrassed face from "Blood Fever" when Tom confronts her about her mating behavior.

Anyone can use any of these. As long as you put a link to on all the pictures with Paramount on them. And none of these pictures are mine in that sense. Unless I say so. All of them come from various sites of which the names are too many to count. So just look around. Besides, no one can have all the credit for any one picture. At least six sites each have copies of a picture. Just find any site, and you'll find a credit for one of these pictures.

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