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MARCH 28th:
Oh my gosh! How long has it been? Stupid tripod wiped out my pages in the "Tripod Massacre" and i got them back after a few days. I've been in California again and didn't get a whole lot of access to the 'net (IE, my page) because of "rolling outages" in power and phones, which was greatly annoying. I didn't update much, really. I have a lot to work on.

Just a little update, added a story to the story section.

I have added two new bios! Ilka Behmer and Megan Cook, you are now online! (took me long enough, eh?) I'm working my way up to getting the poetry area updated so I can add OTHER poetry that's not just by third of four.

I'm back and bronzed and suddenly extremely cold. From California to Canada in -20 degrees! *brrrr*... I managed to update all the birthdays, and have two new fan fics ON THE WAY, but not up yet. Very busy being close to the x-mas season! I also updated the award on the front page.

I am indeed on vacation! And guess what? This queen rat is getting married! Well, not now, but in a year and a half. Her signifcant other proposed to her, giving her a beautiful emerald ring and she's just completely twitterpaited. Who says that internet romance never works out? :P As for updates, I just redid the birthday banners. Albiet six days late because Tripod was being an @$$ and didn't let me in. That's all for now.

FINALLY, sez I. I got all those stories I promised I get up, up. Shuttle Down Series, Closing In, Letting go and several others! That's all for TWO FULL MONTHS, as I'm going on a loooooooooooooooooooooong vacation.

Another HUGE update! The Screen captuers page for "Course:Oblivion" has been completely redone in a very suave java style. Making it easier to access, load, and preview. Check it out!!!

GO ME! I finally put the KRET RATS bio page back up and now it takes about 100% less time to load since all the extra rats have LINKS to seperate PAGES rather than putting everything on at once. Feel free to check it out! Plus, added birthday banner. :)

AUGUST 27th:
Added an entire new section that I've been attempting to get up for about a year now for artwork. Check it out! It has replaced the "not functioning" button that's sadly remained for quite some time, having previously been the "seven of nine" picture section.

AUGUST 12th:
Just a birthday wish, not much else. Updates coming slow until the new terms start.

JULY 6th:
Updated Lanna's bio and posted a birthday wish. Won't be many pic updates for a while, it seems I can't find any pictures I don't already have up!

JUNE 15th:
While absently updating four bios (myself, Kate and Martin and Pam) I realized that Tripod did something spectacular and didn't tell me. It upped my space to 50 megs! Whoohoo! Tonight, I'm doing some serious rearranging, and hopefully, some much-needed bio updates. :)

And now, it's 2 am in the morning and I've been working this whole time! I managed to update all the bios that I have accurate information on (so if yours is still inaccurate, please tell me!) and I rearranged them so that it's now VERY easy for me to update them in the future! Hopefully this'll put an end to the outdated stuff!

JUNE 3rd:
Not much, again just rearranged the birthdays. Having a bad few months and updates are very slow until I'm back in my space. Sorry, people.


I worked five hours and fifteen minutes (yes, I timed it) on a birthday banner for Tuvok and it is GOING UP!! After two years without one, our resident Vulcan gets a birthday wish. Happy birthday, Mr. Vulcan!

MAY 6th:
Happy birthday to me! I didn't do ANYTHING but rearrange the birthdays, as I forgot entirely to do that until tonight.

APRIL 29th:
I did it! I finally found a new source and updated the "episode list" page and added accurate stardates! Good for me! Nothing else though, been real busy. And happy birthday to a secret person whom I shouldn't be wishing happy birthday to...

APRIL 4th:
Not much, just updated the birthdays. Won't be updating for a while.

MARCH 25th:
WHOA! Did it take me long to get my act together or what? It's now quarter past two in the morning and I've spent the last two hours and fifteen minutes working on putting up a brand new PICTURES PAGE! With about 26 new pictures, I believe. Pictures page twelve can be accessed through Pictures Page 11 or The Picture Page Index. Also, regulars may have noticed that my counter is going a little crazy. I fixed that! My original counter account just disappeared off the face of the earth, then my second one told me after I joined that I had to pay (three days later!) and my third one never bothered to show up. So cross your fingers that my fourth one will actually stay! Sorry for the delay, people!

MARCH 5th:
Severe lack of updates people. I'm severely overtime this month on my internet and have absolutely no time to do things with this page. Which means I'm going against my personal promise to update once every two weeks. Ack! I have all these pictures I need to put up and no time to do it in, so one night when I have insomnia I'll be sure to set that up. As for right now, I just updated the birthdays and the banner. BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN! Who turns sweet sixteen today! And who is never going to read this but that's okay.

I guess the reason I end up doing updates at ungodly hours of the morning is because it's free past midnight. Well, I decided it's about damn time I start up again so I added four new promo pics to the page of the same name. Including a very funny "blooper" pic from the 'cast in black' series where Roxann Dawson looks like she got a bad case of the giggles and collapsed on Bob Picardo. Check it out, it's cute! More pics will be added later.

No major updates, it's just 2am and I'm surfing around for pictures and I noticed that one of my images won't link on the promopics page! So, after much searching I discovered what I'd done wrong and fixed it. So now the "cutie" pic of B'Elanna links to the way bigger version. Also, I'm preparing to do another major picture update, sorry it's so late, I've been away. And like I said on my message board (for those of you who didn't read it) my stories are STILL in editing. (BLAME LAUREN AND MARIAN! IT'S NOT MY FAULT!) Though I've been promised the first one back any day now. Oh yeah, and I changed the birthday banner. That's all for now.

Well I finally did it! It took me AGES because of all this horrible crap that I won't even get into but I DID IT!! There's a whole new pictures page up, entirely of B'Elanna. And you better enjoy it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! My firstupdate in the year 2000 (notice I do not say, the "new millenium") anyway, just a little updating now. I put up a few new biographies and I'm working out that stupid bug that's making their names look like they've been cut off. So far, nothing's worked, so I think I'll have to rebuild them again. Ah, what else I'm still working on that "all B'Elanna" picture page so I can get rid of the excess photos of her. That'll be up soon. And with hope (looks at Lauren and Marian) the first two stories in the KRET RAT series will be posted by the end of the month. Look out for them! UPDATE: I managed to fix the "bars" above each bio that says the person's name on it. Took me FOREVER because my STUPID paint program WON'T work... *kicks it* but now I found a loophole and I'm happy. And I also put the new birthday banner up and wished a happy birthday to Kristina rat. Who turns 19 on the 12th.

Well, again I find myself updating at midnight due to insomnia, and I'll likely be up for another few hours yet! I finally caught up with the bios that have been racking up in my inbox and after TWO HOURS I remembered how to make them (it's a LOT harder then it looks, believe me) and I did three of them, and added "lines" to Kristina's bio (I have no idea why they were missing before). Merry Christmas and a happy new year (no, it's not the millenium yet!)

Nothing aside from the birthday banner and a few updated bios on the KRET RATS page. It's too close to Christmas to do any major updates.

Wow two updates in a row! Well, I was so sick of seeing these promo pics in my subdirectories that I decided to go and put them up. So on the promopics page there are four new cast pictures, and there are also four new individuals. Two season six shots of Roxann, and two of Robbie. More soon! I'm working on putting up more on the screen captures page since there's not much on it now, but it'll take a long time.

Now, first off, my friend and associate Laura Hale, who runs P/T Dreams has now shut down her site. And forgot to tell me that some of the shared galleries we had were broken links now. Fortunately, I was told my fellow rat, Amber. That's why there's a giant "Not Funtioning" button where seven of nine pics once was. And two sections on the screen captures page have been taken down. Sorry to all of you! I'll try to get the Seven pictures up as soon as possible. As for screen captures? You'll have to wait a little longer. Oh and I also removed the GAMES from the "fun stuff" category. They've been up for months and no one's ever answered them. Anyone who wants them back can email me, and if I get enough emails I might put them back up.

Only updated the birthday banners, sorry it wasn't earlier I had issues to deal with, that's my excuse. I will update more later, when I have the time and energy.

I added a whole new pictures page, with almost twenty new pictures. Go to the pictures index to get there. More updates coming soon.

I just got my new modem! A 56 k, so I can finally do some decent updates! However the first thing I've done so far is go through all the pictures pages and make sure there's no broken links, as someone reported there were. More updates are coming soon. Including a possible newsletter for fellow RATS.

Six brand spankin' new pictures have been added to the promo pics area. Five new cast pictures and one really strange one that's located at the bottom of the page. updates will be coming slower next month until I get my new modem.

Finally! I'm back in the groove again and have put up a new pictures page! Well, not really 'put up a new one' more along the lines of finished the old one. But it's got about eleven or more new pics in it. Check it out.

Well, it's very late on this side and I've been working on updating the "games" page. The new game, "Identity Crisis" is up replacing "Who is that masked man". Which I'm sorry to say NO ONE GOT! It was TUVOK! Though EVERY single person who answered (which wasn't a lot) was positive it was Chakotay! I guess I'll have to make them easier next time, huh? Well, aside from that I also added the birthday banner for Roxann. Sorry I didn't put any up in the summer, I'm still getting used to my new photoshop program.

AUGUST 16th:
Boy it's been a while, hasn't it? I've not had the patience to work on the site since I have a new modem that's SUPER slow. (only 14.4) so the updates will be coming slow for a while. So far all I've done is add two new bios to the bios page. That'll be it for a while.

JULY 27th:
I added the games section, with a game up. And I worked VERY hard for VERY many hours just adding the silly "Fun stuff" buttons to all the areas in the fun stuff area. (Am I still making sense?) anyway, see for yourself. PLEASE participate in the game and make a guess.

JULY 25th:
Big overhaul in process. I'll be updating constantly for the next few days. So far I've created a picture index page to make surfing through the pictures pages a lot easier. Secondly, I'm working on merging the "rant" and "Trivia" pages with a few others in the new category called "Fun Stuff". I'll add games and polls later.

JULY 2nd:
Wow it's been a while hasn't it? Sorry 'bout that. But, it's worth it, not only did I win another award *gloat boast gloat* but I put up an ENTIRE new pictures page! Pictures page nine! Go check it out! and as always, I've triple-checked all the links and all the pictures will load, some browers just don't them to. So make sure you press, "Show picture" if it's not working. and if it's still not, speak to me! I will answer! Enough for now. :)

JUNE 15th:
The eighth pictures page is finally up! It took me HOURS and I figured out something very very important; my paint program SUCKS! I shoulda stuck with the old one... sigh, oh well... so anyway, that's up! And an award has been added to the awards page.

JUNE 6th:
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! I told you I'd be back! Now my lovely new computer is hooked up and spinning like a top (or working like a charm whatever...) and it's SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE FAST! Unfortunately, I have yet to get used to Adobe Photoshop 5, so my personal images like those wonderful buttons and so on will take a lot longer to get posted... but at least I have internet access, not to mention access to my personal image libraries.
So, I've started taking advantage of this new revelation and finished off the seventh pictures page and added another award to the awards and webrings page. And since I've collected over 61 Tom and/or B'Elanna images, I'll be doing a LOT of updating soon! That's at least three more pictures pages that I need to html and upload (as soon as I find another uploader). So be patient everyone, I'll try at get all that done by the end of the week.

MAY 31st:
Alright, I figured that after a month I better explain for the SEVERE lack of updates, shant I? Well, as a few of you know my computer containing any paint programs and pictures is dead and currently being cannonibalized by my brother. Once my computer is up and running, and all the files from my OTHER computer are switched into that one (still following me?) then I can again access my paint programs and thousands of pictures and can FINALLY proceed with updating. I have almost two or three pages of pictures just waiting to be posted, that I can't actually post yet. But as soon as the computer's up, I'll return to my job! Wish me luck!

APRIL 28th:
YO! It hasn't been that long since my last update, has it? Well, I have MORE pictures for you! 150 brand-spakin'-new picture for "Someone To WAtch Over Me" up right now in the screen captures gallery! It's the second shared gallery b/w me and Laura from P/T Dreams so be sure to check out her site too!
Other than that, not much to report. Oh, and happy birthday Daniel! *giggle*

APRIL 19th:
Well, it seems as if I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands, which I'm attempting to devote to this website. I've just spent the last day and a half working on the javascript code to accurately display all 111 "Thirty DAys" pictures in me and Laura's shared folder! And TADA! It's finally up! PLEASE enjoy! You can get to it either by her page at or by my screen captures area. There's a new section called "Thirty DAys" for you to browse. Have fun!

APRIL 10th:
Hey, it's 4:02 in the morning and I can't sleep so I decided to do The Big One update so I don't have to. I couldn't just leave you guys for a whole month or two without doing SOMETHING to hold you off... I'd feel too guilty! So, here ya go! A whole NEW page of pictures! I think there's about 17 in total, enjoy!
I also changed the java configuration on all the pictures pages to include links to the "screen captures" page and the "rants" pages. I want people to read the rants and laugh, and then link them or something... at least *I* think they're funny.
Oh, and just because dad wouldn't quit reminding me on the phone today, happy 80th Nana! (Holy crap, 80?!)

APRIL 8th:
Hey, how long was that? Less than two weeks! Though, I disappoint... and mislead. For I have only added Janeway's birthday banner *sad look*. Updating is going really slow, and will be for a while. Some... well goddamit life came up and it's pretty much taken over it's rightful spot as primary focus of my brain. I'm also involved in this RPG that's going wonky and I'm recieving 48 messages in my hotmail inbox ever 8-10 hours by error in a onelist so that's pretty confusing... plus I got problems overseas with several of my online friends and it just goes on and on and on and on... so you can see why updating my page isn't the hottest thing on the burners right now. Though, I will get back to it. Don't you guys worry.
BTW, that includes the fact that I haven't had time to make up a bio for KRET RAT Bam bam (if you're reading this) and I'm still waiting for Sharr to respond (again, if you're reading this take it to heart). Sorry all! but i'm not quitting the page, by all means, I'm pretty damned proud of it. I'll be back soon.

MARCH 28th:
Been so busy lately, so I'm not keeping much of my promise to update weekly am I? Maybe I'll promise every two weeks from now on. You know, life seems to always get in the way. Gotta little kid to look after all weekend, got promises to keep, got work to do *reminds herself to do her math later*... ah the wonders of teenage hood.
I added two wicked looking pictures of Janeway to the "promopics" page and a picture of Voyager fighting a Jem'Hadar ship in the Voypics section. Me and Laura of P/T Dreams are putting up a shared "Seven of Nine" gallery with a lot of my pics. That'll be up soon. I'm also gonna put up a section of screen caps from S&M pretty soon. That's all for now.

MARCH 19th:
YIKES I didn't update for a while did I? Well, I have a good excuse... a friend that I met on the internet almost a year ago, I met for the first time (most wonderful person alive I tell you!). She was over for the last week and I didn't want to go online a lot. But she's gone now :( and I'm back to updating.
I erased "When you Wish" from the stories page... since all the RATS (senior staff) have unanimously agreed that we do NOT like that story. And I added another in it's place. "Love Letter" by Khameleon, a KRET RAT. Personally, I think this story ranks amoung my top three favorites, just for the style of writing. Since I usually don't pay attention to the plot. Also, I'm considering posting my first story in our series, "Secrets and Lies"... unfortunately, it was my FIRST story and it REALLY shows... so I'm kinda self-conscious. I have someone that's offering to edit it, so maybe I'll do that first. Opinions?
Oh yeah, one more thing. I changed the side buttons on the index page so they no LONGER SAY I updated last in SEPTEMBER! Stupid buttons... I totally forgot.
AND!!!! I just did this now (three hours later) I added Marian's bio to the KRET RATS (conincidentally, the friend I just spent the break with *G*)

MARCH 7th:
I won another award, this time I got Lt. Cmdr from a site I didn't know I'd applied to! You can find that on the awards/webrings page. Secondly I added CM's birthday below Lauren's, coz I forgot!
And an offical THANK YOU JEN!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! (for getting me Earthbound). And also, this RAT is learning to DRIVE (and nearly ran off the road today in her first driving lesson with her father) so I won't be updating for a while (a week maybe at most).

MARCH 4th:
Also two times for March Fourth. I CONNECTED THE COURSE OBLIVION SCREEN CAPTURES PAGE! YAY FOR ME! I AM SO GREAT! I AM SO GREAT! *ahem*... anyway... go check that out linked via the screen captures page. I also took DOWN the Day of Honor ones, since they suck.

MARCH 4th:
Yep, that's right, I've taken to updating daily. aren't I sweet? You BETTER appreciate this all you fans out there! Because I'm not getting any more hits, and I should be!
Okay, I fixed all the images on the main page (added specs) so now netscape loads faster. I took off all the awards n' junk and put them on the awards page. I'm in the process of fixing the damn button that says I didn't update since last September, and I've made a "Course: Oblivion" screen captures page which I'm putting up shortly. Ta ta!

MARCH 3rd:
Two days until my best friend's birthday and I'm up half the night updating when I should be thinking about her present! What a silly friend I am!
Well, Happy Birthday China! Fifteenth! I'm STILL older than you, so P'THUB!
Despite how nice that was that's not the reason I'm writing this. I UPDATED the bios section. I added a new pro-bio for KRET RAT KATE and I added a picture and link to Carolyn Merryweather's bio. I also got bored and decided to write down all your guys' birthday's so I could advritise them under the monthly banners (senior staff gets big deal b/c well, we're the senior staff) And I realized three of you still haven't given me specs! Do you guys have birthdays? I'll have to email you three *stares at Bella, Moggy and Lady Karone* and get you to spill. Oh well, that's it I suppose.

MARCH 2nd:
Yes, there is supposed to be two updates on March 2nd. I was talking with Laura today (owner of P/T Dreams and she gave me a jumpstart in my links section. So TADA! My links section is now up! You can go to it from the main page. Also, I put up Lauren's birthday banner (third of four in the senior staff) and fixed the date on the banner... I had it for the sixth when her birthday is the fifth. Sorry Lore!
What else? Oh yeah, we're joining forces with P/T Dreams! I'll haev more information on that up soon! So far all you can know about it is what you read on her site, I'm still working on it for my own. she's a lot faster than I am. :)
Oh yeah, I'm quitting the changing background thing, I'm sick of doing that each time I update.

MARCH 2nd:
HEY, did it take me long enough or what? But my sixth pictures page is FINALLY up!! WHOO HOO! Took me about FIVE HOURS to complete because I kept running into awful errors. I also fixed the background problem on the index page. I heard that in netscape, it won't allow backgrounds that aren't JPG, so I turned it into a GIF file.. hopefully it'll work now. Added an award onto the main page, and a new webring on the webrings page. I suggest you all go and join it, it's the "Men of Voyager" webring, pretty cool actually.
I also added two pictures to the Voyager pics page, and a Tom pic to the Professional pictures page. Go check em' out!

I'm BAAAACK! After a big long trip! I took a few days to recover, and now I'm gonna start my updates again! Wow, that was nearly a month wasn't it? Okay, well, first off. Amber/Fuzzhead came over again and we made another rant! This time for "Bliss". Opinions from the three people that have read it think it's better then the first, though we think the first is the best. Tell us what you think! We're gonna try and make more later. It's lots of fun.
Amber: And we do mean LATEr... (as in, best time to do them is at four am)
I also put up Jeri Ryan's birthday thing, and I didn't do it for Neelix! Sorry, but I couldn't find any pics of him... I guess I'm skipping him this year...
I'm still working on organizing the pics for the sixth pics page (P/T) and that'll be up soon. I got some really cool pics that I scanned...

Not a whole lot... in fact, not anything aside from adding a new award from the LCARS database. This will be the last update for a while since I'm going to go visit my da in Calgary for a week or so. Then when i come back my schedule is filled with doctor appointments for another week. Sucky eh?
Oh well... I've been working with my screen capture and taking a bunch of pics from Day of Honor. I'll try to get those up before I leave.


Okay hi! I was bored last night and decided to go searching through my other computer. Lo' and behold I find those damn screen capture files... but bad thing, they were taken on my old VCR so they suck. Oh well... I put them up! Enjoy!! I'll take more with my NEW VCR later.
I also added six or seven pictures to the fifth pics page, finishing it. ;)

I GOT THE FIFTH PICTURES PAGE UP!! That's a total of TWENTY-ONE new pictures!! On my harddrive, I still have 22 that I need to screw around with, then put up. It's a long and boring process... so I'll get on that right away.
I ALSO put up another promo pic of B'elanna that I found... if anyone hasn't seen it, go here. Otherwise, go find it yourself! I got some wicked pics up that NO ONE else will have (that's b/c they're MINE). BWA HA! go check!!

Hey, I got all the bios up (of the ones that people GAVE me!!) Now I have all these people up...
Cheile, Jen, Emily, Carolyn M, Jade, Jackie, Kitana (Moggy), Leslie (Khameleon) and Martin.
I still need bios from Lindsay, Kate, Sarah, Marian, Kris and Jen Lynn... well, I only need BIO-bios from two of those people... I just need specs from everyone else! That's all I did this week. Can you believe I stayed up all night doing it too? Man I drink too much coffee.

HA! Okay, I have now added two new pro-bios to the KRET RATS page WITH pictures!! Speaking of which, now (instead of having everyone look at those nasty decolorized pics that are included in the bios) I have links from those, to the real pics! So we can prove that we don't have green skin. *L* And I'm in the process of making a fifth pictures page. So far there are ten pics on it, but no link! That's because it still doesn't look right, I have to perfect it and crop a few of the pictures a little more. But that'll be done soon! Promise!

ALRIGHT! Took me long enough to update eh? But I DID!! And I added a whole new section! Wow for me... okay, now, what is the section, you ask? It's nothing! Well, not literally, but it's pretty odd.
I was once up at four am, watching "Caretaker". I started taking screen captures when I saw something funny, or that I liked, and I was muttering captions to myself (I think, I dont remember much of this, it WAS four am). I started writing a few of them down b/c they were kidna funny. When I finished, I didn't remember it. When I found it again, I showed my friends and they laughed and said I should put it up, so I have! It has nothing to do with P/T! BEWARE!!

Hi, not much, I just put up the newest award I won from the USS Atlantis. I love getting awards. :)


Hi, Tripod has been having SUPER DUPER troubles and after three hours spent trying to update the damn pics page, I gave up. I was ten seconds from sending my computer to a firey death by a flaming 2x4. But now, it works! So I was able to update today, (the 5th.)
There are FIVE new pics in the pics gallery. Completing the fourth page. I'm working on a fifth one and so far have three for that page. It'll be up once I have at least eight. Other then that, no new updates. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Amber (two of four) has been over at my house for the last couple of days and we spent all our time today working on a NEW LOGO! Which is posted on the index page. It's got the new season five pics up on it, which BTW are now available in the promo pics area! See, I told you I'd get em'! I finally did.
There will be three more pics up in the pictures area. I scanned them all from my calender. Which was VERY hard to do, so be happy. :)

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone got what they wanted! I got a scanner! So I'm having GREAT fun with that! I updated the KRET RATS Page and added pictures to all the senior staff's bios. I also have two pictures of other KRET RATS that were sent to me in the mail b/c I correspond with many of them, but I haven't put em' up yet. Will later.
I updated a lot of the notes on the pictures pages, I didn't add any more pics yet, very very busy. I put up the two new awards that I got! 4/5 from 001 which really surprises me, and a Commander rank from USS Voyager. (took em' three weeks to respond!) I don't think there's anything else to report... other than the fact that I'm still left in the dark as to Carter McNeill's birth statistics.

I guess it's considered the 17th, it's 1:00am in the morning right now as I finish doing the last of my updates. Ain't I devoted? *g*
Okay, and it makes me very happy to say this (for some... odd... reason) that two more bios have PICTURES!! Lauren got some pictures on hers, (though I'll be changing them once I get her baby picture from her), and Cheile got a pro-bio done (since she's the ONLY one who responded to that!!) and she's got her pictures up too! HA! It took a long time, so be happy! I also put up my brand spankin' new banner that I made. It's at the bottom of the index page, for all you who'd like to link to my site. And please do :)

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sarah! You can see her bio in the bio page.

Not an incredible amount of updating done. I added about eight to ten new pictures into the pictures pages! HA! They're cool, check em' out! Uh, what else?... hmmm, I don't think there is anything else to report. I'm working on my screen capture section... I got some awsome captures from "Thirty Days" that I wanna post and I'll do that soon. That's it. :)

Alright, I got to add a message board finally... which I hope a few of you will WRITE ON! That is what it's for ya know. I also rearranged the index page and made a section specially for awards and such, that way the index page won't take so long to load. I got a few other pictures which I'll add later this week and I'm working on Harry's b-day banner which I'll put up asap. I always seem to get behind on those....
Which reminds me, anyone know the statistics of Carter Jay McNeill? Both him and Emma Rose Dawson's birthdays are next month... only a few days apart... I'll bite my tongue on that one...

The new page is UP!! Finally! And it only took me TWO MONTHS! There are now 34 Tom pictures, 40 B'Elanna pictures, 37 pictures of them together, (grand total of 111 pics on four pages) 29 cast pictures, and a whopping 79 Voyager pictures!!!
I have yet to update the trivia page, the poems page (that's Lauren's job!) and create a quotes page. I'm also working on a Seven of Nine pics page and a page to show off my screen captures. Of which there are approximately 240 and more coming. I'm beginning to think I may be the biggest P/T pictures site around when I'm done. :)

I'm also going to make a joke of changing the background on this page every time I update it. I got about 40 new backgrounds and I plan to use them!

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(You are listening to "Oh Starry Night", if anyone recognizes it, I'm very proud.)