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Another Klingon ready pose from "Faces". How come, as full Klingon (like all Klingons), B'Elanna's got hair as curly as Amber's -- and yet as half Klingon she's got perfectly straight (and recently) puffy hair? I think someone needs to get their races straight. *

* Tom in the brig in "Thirty Days" thinking about how much of an ass he just made of himself in front of his best friend. And, (to borrow a line from Jim Wright), shamelessly showing off his crooked pectorals. :)

Oh come on! They ARE crooked!

SSH! Neelix is judging a staring contest between our two favorite lieutenant lovebirds... two days and counting, and still no one's blinked. Rumor has it they ingested several cups of Neelix's so-called "coffee" before beginning.

BTW, this is from "Nothing Human"

* These next three pictures a friend from the UK scanned for me out of a magazine about six months ago... however, I forgot they existed until just recently. I screwed around with them enough to make them presentable.

All three are from "Extreme Risk", where B'Elanna's supposedly suffering from "Clinical depression". They need a DOCTOR on the WRITING STAFF! She was NOT suffering from "Clinical depression", she was suffering from "Situational depression", thank you very much. *huff*


Here's one I spent over an hour and a half cutting out pixel by damn pixel, layering it, shrinking, transforming it, adjusting the transparancy settings, then changing the colors pixel by pixel again, adjusting the transparancy AGAIN, then converting it. So unless you plan on doing the same thing, if you want to use it, it's MINE!

Click on the picture to see the BIG version

I have ALWAYS wanted to do this; punch out a Starfleet officer. I mean, come on, sometimes they ARE just stuffed shirts and they need a good sock to the jaw every so often... especially them dang Vulcans.

From "Non Sequitor"

From "Nothing Human" obviously. Bet B'Elanna's wishing she didn't have that extra Big Gulp before alien symbiosis...


A very sad-looking Tom in "Once Upon a Time" hearing Ms. W make out her "I love you"s to her daughter.

Click on the image to see the BIG version!
I swear, if this does not keep the tourists out of Hawaii, I don't know what would.

Another cool picture from "The Caretaker". B'Elanna just looked pretty damn cool in general in that episode. You know, before they changed her makeup, then changed it back... grew her hair, dyed it, fluffed it, streaked it, bleached it... I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out platinum in the next episode.

However, I would protest.

B'Elanna in "Prototype" I believe, in the Klingon war pajamas she was so fond of until "Drone". (No comment... LAUREN!) *

* Tom from some early episode looking at a broken replicator in longing, praying for tomato soup... no, I just made that up, but I bet it's at least the second thing on his mind. Next to the woman fixing the replicator...

B'Elanna being cute from some mysterious episode. *Twilight Zone theme* B'Elanna Part Two from "Course: Oblivion", feeling the first effects of her regurgitation process... You'd have to see the episode to understand.

Here's a pic of Tom from "Hunters" just as he was starting to pack away a few extra sympathy pounds. Personally, (despite the comments from my best friend) I think he looked way more attractive with a few extra hand-holds. *wink*

Anyone can use any of these. As long as you put a link to on all the pictures with Paramount on them. And none of these pictures are mine in that sense. Unless I say so. All of them come from various sites of which the names are too many to count. So just look around. Besides, no one can have all the credit for any one picture. At least six sites each have copies of a picture. Just find any site, and you'll find a credit for one of these pictures.

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