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B'Elanna dying in "Course: Oblivion"... hey good for me, I got these pics a week before the episode aired! I borrowed them from Vidiot.

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Look, it's their first touch, though I'm sure neither remember.

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These are both strictly MINE! You must ask my permission to use them, please. They're posters from a magazine, and I scanned them and blew them up big time. I also spent almost four hours redrawing the faces so I could remove the lines across them. Click on them to get the full size versions.

Here's a few of Tom. The first one's from Future's End, and I can't tell what part... the second is Robbie McNeill directing! Probably "Sacred Ground" or some other one he directed... anyone elaborate?

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From "Blood Fever". Tom's looking at her like she's crazy b/c she's on a super hormone high and acting like she had about ten too many raktajino's that morning.

Looks like it's from "Revulsion" but I can't be sure. Tom looks like he's oggling someone... lets just hope it's B'Elanna.

This image isn't mine, it belongs to Stacy

The following picture is MINE, I got it from MY magazine off MY scanner and screwed around with it with MY picture program... it's also from "Vis a Vis"... and no, that's not Tom, for all you who haven't seen it.

From one of the many "Dark Frontier" previews, the one where they showed half the episode in black and white. I swear I have never seen so many previews for one episode in my life...

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another one of my pics, this is just before Steth/Paris shoots Paris/Steth.

The ONLY line that Tom and B'Elanna have exchanged in several episodes... from "Disease". At least it was a nice line...

From "Displaced" right before Tom threatens to lug B'elanna over his shoulder... though I'm sure she wouldn't have minded all that much, since the action of her being thrown up in the air would probably have made her pass out.

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No idea what episode it's from... looks like "Caretaker" though, but another one of those freaky angle pics.

Thanks go out to someone who's name I didn't catch before accidentally deleting the mail (oh yeah, go me) for telling me this is from "Swarm". MAN is that a smug, self-satisfied smile if i've ever seen one...

This has got to be one of the CUTEST pics I have ever seen in my life. It was made by D'Alaire if you wanna use it you HAVE to ask her first! Click on this image to go to the full sized one.

There's less on this page, yes, I know... and there's less on the next page too because the files are slightly larger. I don't want to keep everyone waiting for loading...

Anyone can use any of these. As long as you put a link to on all the pictures with Paramount on them. And none of these pictures are mine in that sense. Unless I say so. All of them come from various sites of which the names are too many to count. So just look around. Besides, no one can have all the credit for any one picture. At least six sites each have copies of a picture. Just find any site, and you'll find a credit for one of these pictures.

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